RACING Series Motherboard Lineup Bundle Limited Offer & Special Bonus

Beyond Better, Racing to the Future!

BIOSTAR is proud to introduce the flagship of the new RACING series: RACING Z270GT9 motherboard. Flaunting the new Super 5 Design Concept, the BIOSTAR RACING Z270GT9 features support the latest Intel 7th generation Core processors featuring the Intel Z270 chipset. The board supports up to four DDR4 memory modules of speeds up to DDR4-3600(OC) with capacities of up to 64GB.


NEW Racing Face Design

  1. VIVID LED IO Armor
  2. Fashion Matte Black PCB
  3. Checkered Flag Silk-screen Print
  4. Carbon Fiber like Heatsink
  5. M.2 Cooling Protection

Intel Z270 Chipset

With the Intel® Z270 chipset and the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processors, you will immediately be at the forefront of the battlefield, fueled by mindblowing power and performance. From content creation to gaming, the Intel Z270 chipset provides you with the power and performance you need.



The new VIVID LED Armor comes with I/O Armor and Audio Armor to protect the I/O interfaces and audio electronic components from static electricity. What’s better, it exclusively features the onboard RGB full-color LED lightings with BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ application for DIY lovers to create their unique personal styles by changing PC color schemes.



The brand-new 5050 LED Fun Zone comes with two 5050 LED headers to bring more colorful lighting options to DIY lovers. They can fully enjoy the DIY fun of modding their PCs with uniquely personal style and LED strip or any kind of LED product to adjust the color of LED and change system color scheme by VIVID LED DJ application. VIVID LED DJ fun, Vivid LED lighting style!


Powerful HW Design

  1. Super Durable Solid Caps
  2. Dual BIOS
  3. Low latency / low-power Intel LAN
  4. PCI-e M.2 32Gb/s
  5. Intel 10GbE LAN
  6. U.2 Connector 32Gb/s
  7. Digital Power+
  8. Lightning Charger

M.2 Cooling Protection

M.2 heatsink features ultra-high cooling efficiency to protect the M.2 connector area and the chipset area from thermal problems and extend the M.2 lifespan for long-term and stable operation.

Digital Power+

Digital Power+ uses IR’s digital PWM controller and PowIRstage™ IC, offering the excellent precision in delivering stable power and 100% fixed voltage to critical components of the motherboard with the maximum performance and reliability. The PWM controller allows the CPU VRM to adjust power delivery speed much more quickly and the PWM spectrum supports power delivery rated up to 60A for each phase, providing enthusiasts with exceptional control over the maximum overclocking potential of the CPU.


The Intel X550 chipset supports 10GbE LAN, delivering 10 times faster than a traditional LAN, bringing lower power consumption and compatible with existing GbE devices. It can allow heavy load applications, such as cloud drive, high-definition video, or network-attached storage (NAS), to operate without any latency.

Lightning Charger

BIOSTAR new H/W design Lightning Charger supports the functions of USB port and quick charge with the amazingly fast charging time to help your mobile devices achieve up to a 75% charge in just 30 minutes; meanwhile, it supports QC2.0 (up to 12V/1.5A output), APPLE mode (5V/2.4A), and BC1.2.

Super Fun

Vivid LED DJ features options for designing LED visual effect on your own. Also, it can perform LED light show, following melody as the music plays.

Lighting Control

Let's party with BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ!

  • Permanent

  • Breathe

  • Shine

  • Shine & Music


Enjoy music, movie, and gaming with the exclusive Hi-Fi zone design. This offers you an exceptional audio experience.

  1. Hi-Fi Ground Design
    BIOSTAR Hi-Fi Ground ( Golden Line ) is a noise-blocking multi-layer PCB design to isolate analog audio signals from digital sources.
  2. Hi-Fi Cap
  3. Hi-Fi AMP
    Driver major high-end headphones with over 100dB loads. Wide band-width, low noise, high slew rate , low distortion audio source from the system front panel or rear Line-out port.
  4. ESD 15,000V Proof

Super Easy

Easy-Touch Control / Friendly UI Design


The GT Touch features an exclusive Sport and ECO Mode. Under Sport mode, the system boosts the performance automatically. Under ECO mode, the system optimizes energy consumption without sacrificing performance.