Keep RACING, Keep Shining!

The 3rd-Gen RACING Golden Generation of RGB

Splendid RACING Style

Golden Generation of RGB

  1. Gold RACING Armor
    I/O Armor strongly protects I/O interfaces and components from static electricity.
  2. Gold Tattoo R
    The classic “R” sign on the heatsink shows the strongest spirit of RACING Series.
  3. Gold PCB Treatment
    The 3rd-gen RACING Z370 motherboards ascend to a higher level of luxury and fashion for your gaming world!
  4. RGB Rainbow Lighting Effect
    10 flashing modes for RGB lighting effect bring you more customization fun.


LED enthusiasts can create their exclusive RACING system to show strong personal style by new VIVID LED DJ with more customizability and options to control three RGB LED lighting zones independently, including audio area and 5050 LED FUN ZONE with two LED headers. Users can control color, speed and brightness via 10 different flashing modes with ease. The advanced VIVID LED DJ utility boasts more possibilities for users to create unlimited creativity with 5050 LED FUN ZONE which comes with dual RGB LED header configured to install different LED products.

Lighting Control

Let's party with BIOSTAR VIVID LED DJ!


PC enthusiasts can make sure that their gaming system can maintain its best performance while full-load operation and immersive gaming. According to different cooling needs and usage scenarios, users can control speed modes from Quiet to Full On. The new intuitive and easy-to-use A.I FAN utility smartly allows users to have more customizability of fan modes and automatically detects different temperatures to make fan operate at defined speed for optimal cooling performance. Furthermore, hybrid fan headers with A.I FAN UI support both PWM and DC fans for more cooling options.

Intuitive RACING BIOS Utility

Advanced VIVID LED DJ and A.I FAN utilities are integrated into the whole new 3rd-gen RACING Series BIOS interface to meet different user needs and usage scenarios. The new BIOS UI boasts much more simply intuitive interface designs and system information bar to show instant computing states clearly. Users can adjust settings without having to load Windows.

Dual M.2 Cooling Protection

RACING Z370GT7 boasts dual gold M.2 heatsinks featuring ultra-high cooling efficiency to protect the M.2 connector areas and the chipset area from thermal problems and extend M.2 slot lifespan for long-term and stable operation.


The 5050 LED FUN ZONE comes with two 5050 LED headers to bring more colorful lighting options to DIY lovers. RGB enthusiasts can fully enjoy DIY fun of creating their own systems with uniquely and strongly personal style with LED strip, RGB fan or any kind of LED product to adjust system color scheme by Advanced VIVID LED DJ utility. VIVID LED DJ fun, Vivid LED lighting style!

Intel Optane Memory Support

BIOSTAR 3rd-gen RACING Series motherboards all support Intel Optane memory technology to refresh the performance of your PC. Intel Optane memory can accelerate traditional storage devices to reduce boot times and improve the overall performance, like a brand-new system. This revolutionary memory technology transforms your old PC to a performance monster without expensive SSD.

Super Sound

Hi-Fi Ground Zone design for exceptional audio experience