BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7 Supporting FSB 1333MHz


BIOSTAR Microtech Int'l Corp. one of the biggest professional motherboard manufacturers of releases TF650i Ultra-A7 –the latest solution for LGA 775 socket. PCs based on the combination of the Intel® Core™2 processor family and BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7 offer the latest technology for desktop. This model delivers advanced features that bring higher grades of system performance for a more exciting PC experience.

Features and Benefits of BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7

Support FSB 1333MHz
BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7 supports the high performance FSB 1333MHz Intel® Multi-Cores CPUs which will bring your much more value and performance.

Power for High-Performance Gaming
BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7
provides features designed with the gamer in mind. Take advantage of NVIDIA® FirstPacket™ technology to prioritize your gaming traffic and be the “King Ping”.

Great Overclocking
With comprehensive overclocking tools to push the limits on FSB speed , BIOSTAR TF650i Ultra-A7 unleashes your underlying hardware.

Multiple Disk Setup
Through a simple wizard-based interface, you can effortlessly set up your drives for better data protection, faster disk access or maximum storage capacity. MediaShield automatically selects RAID 0, 1, 0+1, or 5 configuration according to your needs. Advantage users can access RAID option directly.

High Definition Audio (HAD)
High definition audio brings consumer electronics quality sound to the PC delivering high quality sound from multiple channels. Using HAD, system can deliver high quality for eight channels, supporting new audio formats.

Specification of TF650i Ultra-A7


TF650i Ultra-A7

CPU Support

Support Intel®Core™2Extrmem/Core™ 2 Quad/ Core™ 2 Duo/ Pentium® D/ Pentium® 4/Celeron® D Processors

FSB Support

FSB 800/1066/1333MHz


NVIDIA nForce 650i Ultra


Support Dual DDR2 800MHz


Max. Support up to 8GB

Expansion Slots

1 x PCI-E x16

2 x PCI-E x1

3 x PCI


4 x SATA2 3Gb/s



USB 2.0

Support 8 x USB 2.0


8+2 Channel Audio



Solid Capacitor

CPU Power Supply

Since its establishment in 1986, the BIOSTAR GROUP has become a major motherboard supplier to the PC industry in Taiwan. In order to pursue continuous growth, BIOSTAR has invested heavily in acquiring the physical and human resources to excel research and development. In every endeavor, BIOSTAR has sought to enhance product quality and expand its range of available products.

In addition to producing quality motherboards, BIOSTAR also carries out mini PC system - iDEQ series - the intelligent Desktop trends for the near future and IA product. A wider product range provides buyers with choices they want and need. With a constant emphasis on quality, BIOSTAR seeks to offer products with the highest price-performance ratio in the industry