Service for iDEQ SFF Barebones

1. Contact Your Supplier
All authorized Biostar distributors and resellers should offer a 1-year warranty on Biostar products. Please return your defective product to your supplier for warranty exchange. If the product is out of warranty or if your supplier cannot, or will not help you, please proceed to step two.

2. Prepare Proof-of-Purchase Then Call Biostar
All new (non-refurbished) Biostar iDEQ SFF barebones carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the original purchase date. If your supplier cannot provide you with service, please have your proof-of-purchase (sales invoice, receipt, etc) on hand and contact our technical support department at (909)444-3785. We will do our best to help you over the phone. If the problem is determined to be a hardware defect, we will give you a return authorization number to send the unit back to us for replacement/repair. All you pay is the shipping back to us.

Service for Motherboards And Other Products

Biostar Microtech USA Corp Standard Warranty Policy
Effective 01-01-2011
Three year warranty applies to USA and Canada only

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:30 Pacific time: (909)444- 3785 Menu Select 2.

Motherboards, 3 year manufacturer's limited warranty (Parts & Labor) based on manufacturers date code which can be found on the serial number.

Serial numbers look like 70000k83455555. The number 8 34 = Year 2008 week 34.
The serial numbers can be found on back side of the product or on the retail box.

Biostar products have been tested for quality control and free of defects prior to shipping. If a product is not working properly, please contact our technical support staff so they may assist you. Recommend to visit TECHNICAL SUPPORT FORM. A RMA case number may be given if cannot find a solution. The RMA will be used to start on the repair/replacement process of the product. Or you can start RMA process by filling RMA request form RMA REQUEST FORM

The following is covered under the RMA process.

  • Repair / Replacement at Biostar discretion
  • One way shipping at Biostar expense.

What is not covered under warranty.

  • Damages that are caused by misuse, tampered, improper installation
  • Not liable in anyway to purchaser for any damages. This includes, but not limited to, loss in revenue, wages, or any other incidental or consequential damages from the inability to use a Biostar products.
  • Your package is lost or cannot be located when shipped to us. Recommend you send packages that can be tracked and confirmed person of receipt.
  • Missing parts or accessories, if anytime there is a missing item, contact your place of purchase immediately and let them know the situation, hopefully this can be resolved at that level.
    OEM/Refurbished products may not come fully packaged.
  • Compatibility issues, however we will try our best to resolve any compatibility issues

In event of second RMA. Of course we would not want this but in reality this does happen, could be any reason number of reasons.

  • We will issue call tag to retrieve product so you do not need to pay shipping.
  • If we cannot find any problems or issues with our product, or could not duplicate your reported problem, a $20.00 service fee will be required for return shipment.
  • If we find RMA'd product defective, we will repair/replace at no charge.

Refurbished or open box items, warranty varies, please check with place of purchase for warranty info.

Please send product only, do not send accessories or other parts if not requested as they may not be returned.

Biostar USA
ATTN: RMA #    (RMA # can be obtained from Biostar Support Staff)
661 Brea Canyon Road, Suit 5, Walnut, CA91789